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Requirements for high performance/advanced visualisation facilities. Do you have any need for access to:

The question asked about facilities in use or required. The facilities asked about were:

  • Large memory on single workstation (>64Gbytes)
  • Large memory or compute visualisation using computer clusters
  • Very high resolution displays
  • 3D stereo display (individual user)
  • 3D stereo display (room sized)
  • Head tracking/immersive stereo
  • Haptic feedback devices
  • Other (please specify)

No "Others" were specified in the responses.

The following chart shows the proportions of users already using the facilities (n = 77):


It is apparent that about one third of respondents already use workstations with large memories, and one third also have access to computer clusters with large memories. 3D stereo is also quite widely used. Nobody used haptic feedback.

The following pie chart shows the proportions of each facility on the wish list (n = 189):


The most requested facilities are large amounts of memory (workstation or cluster) at 20% each, and very high resolution displays at 21% of respondents. 3D stereo on a workstation is also quite often requested. Haptic feedback was requested by 5% of respondents.