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Comments on the respondents' most used visualisation tool.

91 replies were given.

The most commonly used tools, with links to answers are:

  1. VMD - 9 replies
  2. MATLAB - 6 replies
  3. Avizo - 5 replies
  4. Gimias - 4 replies
  5. PyMol - 4 replies

Of the other tools, the major reasons for choosing them were:

  • ASE: quick and easy to use
  • Avogadro: open source
  • gnuplot: quick to use, scriptable
  • ImageJ: free, easy, plugins
  • Paraview: ease of use


A few observations can be drawn from these responses:

  1. Users will prefer software that is written specifically for their domain of interest.
  2. Large datasets must be handled efficiently.
  3. Scripting or other ability to extend the tool is required.
  4. Publication quality output is a valued bonus.