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Q1: Contact details regarding Institution

A Wordle to show respondents' home institutions

In a simple picture the home institutions are shown as, below. Surprisingly, for a UK funded activity, the responses are worldwide.


where there were 57 different distinct institutions/groups that were represented with respondents across the world, with a bias towards Europe and the UK. We can see this from a simple Google Map mashup describing the location on the world;


and within Europe



The raw numbers show a standard long tail-off. It is not a normal power law relationship as the very long tail is far too long for the middle frequencies. The graph and values are:


University of Sheffield                                         	10
STFC                                                                   	8
University of Cambridge                                             	7
UCL                                                             	4
Diamond Light Source                                                 	3
ISIS                                                                  	3
University of Warwick                                            	3
University of York                                               	3
CLF                                                              	2
King's College London                                           	2
NIST                                                                  	2
University of Bristol                                            	2
University of East Anglia                                        	2
University of Liverpool                                          	2
University of Oxford                                             	2
University of Salford                                           	2
Antypov                                                         	1
Australian National University                                  	1
AWE                                                             	1
Cardiff University                                                  	1
Cranfield University                                              	1
Daresbury Laboratory                                             	1
EMBL-EBI	                                                        1
Faculty of Physics, Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU)         	1
Forschungszentrum Juelich, ICS6, Germany	                        1
Fritz-Haber-Institut of MPG	                                        1
Harvard Medical School                                           	1
Imperial College London	                                                1
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram	1
Institute of Physics, Charles University in Prague	                1
International Tomography Center, Novosibirsk, Russia	                1
JAEA	                                                                1
Janelia Research Campus                                          	1
Lancaster University                                             	1
London Centre for Nanotechnology, UCL                               	1
Martsinovich                                                      	1
MRC-NIMR                                                         	1
MXIF Manchester                                                   	1
Paul Scherrer Institut                                          	1
Physics, King's College London                                  	1
Queen Mary and Westfield College                                 	1
Queens University Belfast                                         	1
Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm                          	1
Southwestern Medical Centre                                     	1
Technical University of Denmark                                  	1
Univ. California at Berkeley                                    	1
University of Aberdeen                                          	1
University of Adelaide	                                                1
University of Edinburgh                                         	1
University of Glasgow                                            	1
University of Hertfordshire	                                        1
University of Kent                                              	1
University of Manchester                                           	1
University of Ottawa                                            	1
University of Southampton                                       	1
University of Udine, Italy                                      	1
Vrije Universiteit Brussel                                      	1