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What do you see as the main challenges for visualisation in your domain now and in the near future?

The respondents' were given the opportunity to make comments, with no prompting. Clustering of the responses gave this group of clusters



  • The size of data sets to be visualised is the most pressing challenge. The can be exposed in several ways:
  1. how can large data sets be visualised in real-time?
  2. facilities are limited for long term storage of large data sets.
  3. time required to transfer data between facilities for remote viewing (or distributed processing) is a limiting factor to its usefulness.
  4. large volumes of data require a quick method for generating an overview, before performing a closer inspection.
  5. reading the data is time consuming.
  • Remote visualisation
  1. Especially a problem using very large scale supercomputing resources overseas
  2. Client-server rendering is slow
  3. Equally important is moving data from data capture to data processing locations
  • Input and Output
  1. As stated above, loading large data sets is the bottleneck
  • Quantification
  1. Visualisation is limited in scope becasue research outputs require quantifiable data
  • 3D/Immersive
  • User Experience
  1. No package provides all of the required functionality (was mentioned multiple times)
  2. Absence of expertise amongst users
  • Computational Time/Parallelism
  1. As mentioned above, there is a requirement to visualise data as it is being captured.