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Any other comments?

Raw Comments

  1. Would be nice if there was an obvious preferred open source tomographic reconstruction code that we (STFC/EPSRC) could recommend to users and modify ourselves for our own needs. If there are candidates here, maybe publicise the options more widely?
  2. Would be nice to have somebody looking into maintenance and support of useful tools and software.
  3. Visualisation and application of calibrations to data go hand-in-hand together, thus the greatest visualisation tool won't be used much if it isn't integrated into a data handling flow. A good example is XCrysDen, which makes all the difference between just number crunching with wien2k and actually seeing what you're doing.
  4. It would be great if the visulisation tool developers would start to collaborate to develop libraries, data formats etc that could be shared between them, to speed up the development of new tools and functionality, and allow users access to the full spectrum of tools they require.
  5. I'm happy to get involved with this CCP/project or any initiative it might lead on with. I'm passionate about data visualisation and have experience in developing such tools.
  6. Training on visualisation tools are really lacking. There should be more of them.
  7. More seminars to introduce what is available
  8. There is a strong need for web-based visualization methods to integrate into web-based applications we are developing.
  9. License sharing and advanced usage training
  10. Lack of tools limits the science we are able to achieve.
  11. Final note - Martin Turner at RAL is brilliant at cross promotion (between communities) and compiling enthusiastic newsletters and should be thoughtfully priased for his dedication to the subject. He and his team are successfully promoting they ideas that other communities are way ahead in.
  12. I'm not sure if Diamond are as involved as they could be. If they are it certainly isn't communicated well to Users.
  13. Many of the packages are great for visualization but quick mathematics (e.g. subtract two 3d data sets) requires recoding.


  1. Code development/maintenance in various guises
  2. Training in using various packages is required